Watch illustrations

Over the years I’ve developed a minimalistic and colorful style. Details and humor often play an important role in my work. Please read on for a short biography.

Creative roots

Coming from a creative family in a small town in the Netherlands, I’ve inherited the creative skills (third generation). After my childhood playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and doodling around I studied arts in Tilburg. Here I specialized in drawing and digital design/websites. I finished my study and obtained a bachelor in design.

Love for watches

Throughout the years I've developed a growing interest in watches and started to read watch blogs and visit several watch forums. After drawing many watches and designing some actual ones I came up with an idea to combine my two passions: art and watches.

Founder of Watches and Pencils

I started to draw and really enjoyed the 'environment'. For me Watches and Pencils is an ideal stage to display things that are of interest among us watch nerds. Through my illustrations I can bring certain things to ones attention and discuss these in a more creative way. Sometimes there is a clear message or question, while other times the illustration is just a tribute to an iconic watch. After I presented my idea to Robert-Jan Broer, owner of Fratello Watches (http://www.fratellowatches.com), the feature was launched in 2015. It immediately became popular and still every month a new one is published. Link to all the episodes of Watches and Pencils on Fratellowatches.com.

Fratellowatches member

Besides the Watches and Pencils feature on Fratello Watches, I also write other watch-related articles for Fratello Watches and am a member of the Fratello Watches team. Knowing my background, you probably won’t be surprised that these articles mostly focus on design-related matters. Though, I also take an interest in the technique of watch movements. Link to these other watch articles on Fratello Watches.

Illustrations and drawings

Aside from drawing watch-related artwork, I also do “analog” drawings now and then. When I’m looking for new inspiration I often start with more abstract and autonomic illustrations. You can view those on the page about watch drawings.

For hire!

Interested in hiring me for an illustration or watch drawing after reading this? That’s possible! Please go to the contact page and get in touch.

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