Super Sticker Pack!

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A unique selection of premium stickers. You can put them on your laptop, suitcase, or car to show that you are a watch lover. The pack includes brands like Rolex and Cartier as well as some non-branded designs. It's also a cool gift to watch friends!

The stickers are printed on high quality sticker material. Each set consists of 15 different stickers:
  • 1x Rolex Pepsi
  • 1x Cartier Tank
  • 1x Omege Speedmaster NASA tests
  • 1x Rolex Explorer
  • 1x Butterfly Clasp
  • 1x IWC Pilot Airplane
  • 1x 321 Omega Speedy Delivery
  • 1x Mona Wis-a
  • 1x Rolex Submariner
  • 1x Omega Darth Vader
  • 1x Vacation Essentials Suitcase
  • 1x Bergeon Airship
  • 1x Honeycomb Dial
  • 1x Speedmaster Moonlander
  • 1x Crown Guards

This is the only sticker pack I'm offering at the moment. It's not possible to order a smaller/bigger pack or more quantity of some of the stickers shown here.

Note: In 2020 international shipping has changed for small commercial packages. Please note that stickers are sent by regular mail without track and trace number.